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"Bob’s an aficionado of our steak pies. We look forward to seeing him again soon."

Maids of Honour. Kew

“Bob may buy his guitars from Andertons, but he has them set up at Chandler’s.”

Introducing Professor Oscar Wooferson.

CPO Chief Photobombing Officer

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Oscar is my business partner and never misses an opportunity to photobomb a teams meeting. He’s in training of course so I let him handle the cold calls from companies who call us up to talk about car crashes we haven’t been involved with or damage repair claims to offshore properties we don’t own.


Of course, if you want to make sure you stay up to date with regard to everything Oscar and I get up to then don’t forget to follow Bob on LinkedIn and Bob’s Loyalty Shop and Partnership Gigs via their respective home pages.

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Bob Salmasi, owner Bob’s Loyalty Shop Ltd.  

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