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My Story

Loyalty is a wide discipline and I've been lucky enough to have worked across every aspect of loyalty, promotions, partnerships and incentives for pretty much every sector and channel. 

My key areas of expertise:

Creative strategy, planning, partnerships, promotions, rewards and incentives. I've also built a number of leisure and lifestyle networks and brands across every passion point from days out, cinema, sport and dining.

My loyalty experience: 

Supermarket Retail, Restaurants & QSR, Insurance, Banking, F.M.C.G., Telecoms & Travel. 

Who I work with:

At Bob's Loyalty Shop, I work with agencies on new business development and improving their front end process and pitch responses. I also work with agencies and clients with regard to sourcing partners or creating bespoke leisure, lifestyle and digital rewards. Lastly, I also work with agencies and clients build or improve their existing loyalty programs.

I'm not a consultant I'm a freelancer with a "hands on" getting things done approach"

Commercially I'm a freelancer - therefore, available for project work or more longer term retained work depending on your requirements. Please have a look at my LinkedIn page (link below) for more in-depth experience, roles and client assignments.



The beauty of having your own loyalty shop means you get to tailor your knowledge and experience to your customers needs. It is also an extremely cost effective way for clients to have access to this wide and deep level of expertise. Below is a brief overview of how I work with clients, for a more detailed range of services and associated costs, please drop me a line or give me a call.


I work with agencies generally to improve and enhance their new business process and function in a variety of different ways. Especially with regard to loyalty briefs, partnership marketing and rewards & incentives. Particularly travel, leisure and lifestyle rewards. In addition to working with them on the front end / new business aide of things, I also work with them where needed on their existing client portfolio.


I work with brands who are either looking at launching a loyalty initiative / programme for the first time or would like to re-fresh and reinvigorate their existing programme / loyalty activity. Often working alongside their existing agencies and technical partners.
Specialist expertise is normally around strategic planning, creative and developing tailored rewards and incentives

Incentive & Reward Companies

As with agencies, I work with incentive product owners and brands with regard to developing new business opportunities, new products and new ways to create and take their incentives to market

Start Up's & Membership Organisations

Having successfully conceived and launched a number tech driven consumer membership propositions and brands, I am a "digital native" and accustomed to working within a start up environment.


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