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If you have arrived at my website, then you’ve probably received an email, a LinkedIn request or maybe even a What’s App message from me.  
Chances are that you are an entrepreneur and or agency owner. The reason I say that, is as the majority of my business relationships and project appointments are initiated by business owners.

Agencies choose to work with Bob’s Loyalty Shop because they want to improve their front-end new business function. They like to be able to access additional expertise, planning and creative thinking to differentiate themselves in pitches. Whilst some are specifically looking for additional promotional, partnership, product, sponsorship, or loyalty expertise.
Having run countless creative, partnership and pitch teams I’m pretty good at helping clients deliver a higher level of strategically led, creatively driven response. This in turn generally results in more new client wins.
Throughout my career I’ve led from the front, sleeves rolled up eager to know how every detail of everything we were building worked. Strategy, tech, mechanics, customer journey, rewards and, of course, the commercial side of things.

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Like it or not we live in a digital world. Therefore, in recent years I’ve also focused on building a range of digital leisure and lifestyle products such as dining, sports and days out networks and am constantly looking out for new reward trends and opportunities.

This passion led me to create Partnership Gigs, a place where brand owners can promote themselves for FREE to other brands that are either looking for a promotional partner for their sales promotion campaign or reward partners for their loyalty programmes.
I believe that in today’s world you have to be a digital native, as the age of data driven, promotionally led loyalty is well and truly here. Where once data driven loyalty was available to the few, it is now readily available to all.
Before you go, I will leave you with something you already know. In every successful business there are a handful of people that truly make a difference.  When you work with Bob’s Loyalty Shop you simply have access to another individual who will make a difference to your success.

So don’t procrastinate, if you like the sound of what you’ve read so far then get in touch.


Best, Bob.


Bob Salmasi, Bob’s Loyalty Shop.

Straight talking strategy, without any of the stroky beard meetings.

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